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TAKEZAWA SEIKI, established in 1962 is Pioneer Japanese Single Pass Honing Machines and Honing Reamers manufacturer. Conventional honing process takes long honing process time. TAKEZAWA-SEIKI machines allow honing process in just a single pass and at the same time increase tool life four times that of ordinary metal working tools. Due to increased productivity and improved tool costs, TAKEZAWA SEIKI machines could be first choice of our customers for profitable parts production. TAKEZAWA has several hundreds of machine installations in Japanese automotive and hydraulic parts manufacturing companies and is clear leader for tool technologies. TAKEZAWA has several patents in machines and tools. TAKEZAWA will manufacture its machines in India with Japan made spindles to meet Indian customer's requirements in high quality, high speed parts production with reduced production costs

TLB 20 / TLD 20

A Fully Automated Honing Machine for Mass Production Improved Productivity, Reduced Cost/Piece

Takezawa Seiki's experience in Honing and Tooling know-how has resulted in developing improved efficiency machines for mass production.



TLB 20

TLD 20

Max. Honing Diameter 30 mm 60 mm
Maximum Stroke 400 mm 500 mm
Spindle Motor Power 1.5 kW 7.5 kW
Spindle Speed 200~1800 rpm 0~3000 rpm


Finishing with a reamer is a continuous polishing process using a large number of abrasive
grains. The cutting force is distributed to individual abrasive grains and hence small at
each contact, thus making it possible to process highly accurate machining surfaces
with minimal number of affected layers. This process is essential for a variety
of parts, where highly accurate surface machining is necessary, where
sliding elements are involved. In order to design the optimum
performance reamers that are tailored to individual customers,
TAKEZAWA-SEIKI selects and arrange abrasive grains and
then determines the shape of reamer based on the
material, shape of the workpiece.

.23 mm/grain

The TAKEZAWA-SEIKI reamers and honing machines are capable of completing an entire honing process in just a single pass with a roundness of 0.5 μm and surface nish of 0.5 S. The honing process can be completed in just few seconds, thus increasing productivity drastically, reducing number of machines in line and resulting in increase in prots.

The TAKEZAWA-SEIKI's know-how in diamond and borazon CBN has enabled long life with more abrasion resistance. In expansion type reamers diameters can be adjusted that have reduced because of abrasion, and makes them reusable. This is not only dramatically reduces the amount of investment in tools but also increases productivity.

TAKEZAWA-SEIKI manufactures a wide range of products catering to the application needs of customers

Expansion Type Head Expansion Type Spiral Groove Type
Non-Expansion Type Expansion Reamer Division Type
   Material Example
Carbon steel for machine structural use S25C, S45C etc.
Structural alloy steel SCM, SNC, SNCM, SUJ, SCM415 (Our reamer can hone carburizing and quenching material).SCM445 (Our reamer can hone HR C45-50 and quench hardening and tempering material) etc.
Cast Steel SC**
Cast iron FC**, FCD**
Stainless steel SUS304, SUS303, SUS430, SUS440C etc.
Aluminum, Aluminum alloy,Aluminum die casting A2017, A7075, AC**etc.
Copper, Copper alloys C3604B, C11**, C6782B, C6782B, C4641B etc.